The Best Way to Sell an Atlanta Off-Market Real Estate Listing

A regular property listing isn’t the only way to sell a house in Atlanta; there are other options as well. Increasing numbers of people are moving away from larger cities, and a growing number of people are skipping over the rental phase that is typically experienced in early adulthood, opting instead for the benefits of permanent housing that includes recreational amenities and a more home-based lifestyle, which is fueling the current seller’s market. When a property is listed off-market or in a pocket, it is not advertised to the general public. This adds to the attraction of securing an exclusive chance for buyers, and it may result in a higher sales price.

In the event that you sell your property off-market, you have complete control over who knows your home is for sale and when they see it. As a result, there are significantly fewer showings because the home is off the market, and the buyers who are aware of the off-market listing are likely to be far more serious about purchasing the property. Listing your property off-market also has the effect of creating a sense of urgency, as if you have to act now or never.

During this presentation, we will provide you with the inside scoop on how to sell an off-market property listing in Atlanta.


Real estate agents adore off-market listings because they have the ability to market the property exclusively to a select group of clients while collecting the commission that has been stipulated in the contract with the seller. Furthermore, because other agents in the Atlanta area are not aware of the listing, they are not required to divide the commission with anyone else in the transaction. They will receive the other half of the commission because they are bringing the buyer into the transaction. In the event that you sell an off-market property listing in Atlanta to a professional buyer, such as those at Georgia Fair Offer, you can avoid paying any commissions at all.

Preparation and / or repairs

The majority of purchasers want to begin living in their new house as soon as feasible. If your house is older or in need of upkeep and repairs, you as the seller will have to worry about passing the inspection and making repairs out of pocket before closing, or you will be forced to accept a significant discount from the asking price. Preparing the home for future showings and making updates is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. You won’t have to worry about making repairs or even cleaning up after selling an off-market property listing in Atlanta through a direct sale with a firm like Georgia Fair Offer because we buy homes as-is. Georgia Fair Offer assumes full responsibility for all risks.

Fees Paid to Agents

Many agents additionally charge a fee for transaction processing as well as for other expenditures that agents may choose to conceal from their clients. No agency fees are charged when you sell your off-market property listing in Atlanta to a professional buyer such as those at Georgia Fair Offer, who will purchase your home without your involvement. At the closing, there will be no surprises; the offer will explicitly define how much money you will receive at the conclusion of the transaction.


When properties are posted in the traditional manner, such as through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), potential buyers can keep track of the number of days the property has been on the market. A significant number of days passing implies to buyers that there is something wrong with the property that the listing does not mention, which often results in offers at rock-bottom prices, if any at all. The buyer has no way of knowing how long a property has been on the market if it is listed off-market, which is one of the criteria that encourages sellers to list off-market. Instead, sell quickly to a direct sales business such as Georgia Fair Offer, where you can close on your private listing in as little as a few days or whenever it is most convenient for you.

Georgia Fair Offer simplifies and streamlines the process of selling an off-market property listing in the greater Atlanta area. We make the process as simple as possible! When you receive an offer from Georgia Fair Offer, we will take care of everything, and we can ensure that your house will close quickly, typically in a matter of days or hours. It doesn’t matter if your home is older and in need of repairs or if you want to limit the amount of strangers who come into your home; why not contact Georgia Fair Offer and learn more about your alternatives with no obligation? Send us a message or call Georgia Fair Offer at (404) 855-0944.

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