4 Things To Know When Selling Your Home With An Atlanta Real Estate Agent.

When most people think about selling their houses, the first thing that comes to mind is often contacting a real estate agent to help them with the transaction. Following that, most people assess how much the listing procedure with an agent will cost, and then they examine all of the work that will be required on the way to selling their home. So please continue reading as we discuss four things you may not have known about selling your house with an Atlanta real estate agent in this article.


You might be surprised to learn that commissions can be rather pricey when working with an Atlanta real estate agent to sell your home…. With an average home price of $375,000, six percent in commissions is a total of $22,500 on a $375,000 property. It is possible to lose a significant portion of your earnings from a sale if you include this expenditure with the other expenses associated with listing, such as preparation work, marketing, and professional photography, as well as any prospective broker fees. You may, on the other hand, avoid paying commissions if you sell directly to a professional investor, such as those found at Georgia Fair Offer. We don’t have any hidden costs that you have to be concerned about at closing; with Georgia Fair Offer, the amount we offer, which you will agree is fair, is the amount you will get in cash at the time of closing.


Another aspect of selling your property with an Atlanta real estate agent that you may not be aware of is the amount of time that might potentially pass while your home is on the market. Unfortunately, this is not information that your realtor can offer you with, nor can they guarantee that your house will sell. An agent, on the other hand, may provide you with a broad estimate of the number of days a house will be on the market until it is sold. If this makes you feel uneasy, you can sell your home directly to a buyer, who will guarantee a closing date on your behalf. Professional investors such as those at Georgia Fair Offer are more than pleased to collaborate with you, allowing you to schedule the closing date at a time that is convenient for your relocation plans.

It is not the only option.

Another thing you may not be aware of when selling your home with an Atlanta real estate agent is that there are other choices available to assist you in selling your property. For example, you may object to the idea of having to vacate the premises on a regular basis during your supper to accommodate showings. Alternatively, you may have a backlog of repairs to do before advertising your property, and you would prefer not to live in a construction zone or pay to fix and upgrade a home that you are leaving behind. Another option for selling your property is to make a direct sale of your house in its current condition. The benefits of working with a direct buyer, such as the professionals at Georgia Fair Offer, are that you will receive all of the information about how much you could sell your home for on the traditional real estate market with an agent, as well as how we arrived at a fair offer for your home as-is.

Georgia Fair Offer

If you want to sell your property without going through an Atlanta real estate agent, why not profit from dealing with a direct buyer and save the fees, time, and difficulties that come with doing so? Today, with a no-obligation meeting with a direct buyer from Georgia Fair Offer, you can learn about all of the advantages of selling your house directly. When you engage with Georgia Fair Offer, we go the additional mile to ensure that you can make an informed decision about which type of house sales is best for you; we live and work in Atlanta and want you to be satisfied with the transaction long after it has been completed. When you sell directly with Georgia Fair Offer, we want to make the transaction as simple and convenient as possible while saving you both time and money as possible.

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