How to Sell Your Atlanta Home When You Have Children or Pets

Selling a house in Atlanta when you have children or pets has a unique set of problems that must be overcome. We will go over a few ways to make the procedure as simple as possible for you and your family, which will include your dogs.

Cleaning to the hilt,

You do not want the first impression of your home to be marred by an unpleasant stench that indicates the presence of a cat or dog in the house. If the aromas of air fresheners overpower the smell of the room, buyers will assume that you are masking deep-seated odors. Because you want potential buyers to be able to envision themselves living in the property, it is a good idea to remove food bowls, toys, and other accessories from view during viewings. If you have children or pets and are selling your home in Atlanta, it is critical that you clean your home thoroughly before listing it. In addition, you will want to make certain that there are no toys scattered about the play space. Remember to include the yard in your pre-showing housekeeping routine so that there is no outdated or unsightly outdoor furniture or other items, such as rusting swing sets, in the way of potential buyers. Additionally, if you have dogs, make certain that the grass is the only thing that purchasers will step on when going around the property in the evening.


However, despite the fact that your pet has never hurt anyone, every animal with claws or fangs is capable of clawing or biting a stranger should they perceive a sudden threat to their territorial integrity. Consequently, while selling your home in Atlanta with dogs, it is critical that you get informed about your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Take care to make certain that it covers the risk of strangers in your home being damaged in any way by your pet. Because some breeds are not covered by insurers, make sure to double-check this information on your insurance as well. No matter what type of pet you have, if there is going to be a showing at any point during the process, real estate pros say that the best alternative is to remove the pet from the house.

Schedule of Showings

Parents are well aware that disrupting their children’s routines is something that should be avoided whenever possible, and this is especially true when selling a home in Atlanta with children or pets. It is possible to make time pass more quickly by planning activities such as visits to parks, zoos, and other local attractions in advance. Preparing bags with toys or activity books and special gifts for each child that you can grab quickly as you walk out the door is also a good idea. You can even make one for each of your pets. Keep portable snacks and beverages available to make the process go more smoothly for everyone. In order for your real estate agent to be mindful of your needs, it is critical that you convey the times that are most convenient for your family as precisely as possible. Keep in mind that delaying showings may drive potential buyers to move on to another property, resulting in a longer average number of days on the market overall.

Sell Directly to Georgia Fair Offer

In the case of a family with children or pets, selling your house to Georgia Fair Offer in Atlanta is the least stressful alternative. Typically, transactions close significantly more quickly than traditional transactions, typically in 30 days or fewer. Using extremely explicit contracts that are simple as-is purchase agreements, Georgia Fair Offer will lay out every stage of the process for the buyer and seller. This implies that you no longer have to be concerned about your insurance policy or your pets. You won’t even have to clean, and you won’t have to worry about odor issues or arranging your children’s activities around a real estate salesperson! Sellers may anticipate transactions to be quick, straightforward, and stress-free when working with Georgia Fair Offer.

Send us a message or give Georgia Fair Offer a call to discuss selling your house and the steps to receiving your offer. Call (404) 855-0944 today!

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