Georgia Fair Offer gives you six helpful hints for long-distance moving that will make your life easier.

Moving can be challenging in any situation, regardless of how far you are traveling. However, moving a long distance can add extra stresses to your life and give you the impression that you are venturing into the unknown.


We have compiled a list of helpful hints for long-distance moving in Georgia in an effort to make the process as straightforward and workable as is humanly possible.


1) Pack like a pro:

Moving long distance? Here are some packing pointers.

You can pack your belongings more efficiently by making use of any number of ingenious tricks that are available to you. Wrapping your clothes in the drawers of your dresser is an option to consider if the circumstances warrant it. When packing things in boxes, there shouldn’t be any extra space.

Pack the items one inside of the other. Put your silverware, for instance, inside of your Tupperware container. You can pad boxes with rolled-up towels and sheets that have been placed inside of black trash bags.

It may not be the most exciting thing to do, but it is an excellent way to be efficient, and being efficient is essential when getting ready for a big move.

2) Downsize:

There is no better time than the present to sort through your belongings in preparation for a new beginning. You are not going to want to bring everything with you to the new house, even if the new house has a similar aesthetic to the old one. If it’s not something you feel an overwhelming passion for, now is the time to get rid of it, donate it, or sell it.

People who move with all of their belongings frequently discover, several months after the move, that they are still surrounded by boxes that they have not unpacked. If it’s not something you cherish or require, chances are you won’t miss it all that much if it’s taken away from you.

You should also think about leaving behind any pieces of furniture whose value is less than the amount it would cost to ship them.

3) When hiring movers, be mindful of the following:

If at all possible, you should always keep valuables and items with sentimental value, such as jewelry, on your person at all times. If you aren’t going to be moving the valuable items yourself, you should get insurance on them in case you lose them or they get damaged in the move.

Be sure to label each box with your name and the new location, as many large moving companies will transport the belongings of multiple families in a single large truck.

4) If possible, drive your car:

Make your travels through the municipality (or state) an exciting experience. The cost of shipping a car can be high, and the exact date it will arrive at its destination is not always clear. Many auto transport businesses will not start loading your vehicle onto a truck or trailer until they have a number of other automobiles booked with them. Being in a new city without access to a mode of transportation will very quickly become very frustrating.

Being in a new city without access to a mode of transportation will very quickly become very frustrating.

5) You should be prepared to make some new purchases:

When moving into a new home, there are certain things that you will unavoidably require, just as there are with any other move. Consider purchasing a brand-new dish drainer, an organizer for silverware, a holder for paper towels, and other similar items.

Make preparations in advance and set aside some money specifically for these purchases. You don’t want to add any additional stress to the moving process by worrying about purchasing the little things you’ll need to make your house feel more like a home.

6) Have some patience and give it a couple of weeks:

When you move to a new town, adjusting to life there involves more than just finding a new home and unpacking your belongings. You also need to get settled in emotionally. It will take you a couple of weeks before you begin to feel truly at home in your new community.

Learn the lay of the land and go on some expeditions to discover more. If you are patient, you will soon feel as though you have never been away from home.

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