5 Points to Consider When Selling an Inherited Home in Atlanta

Family members or close friends frequently make wills, leaving their property holdings to their children, grandchildren, or other people who were important to them at the time. Despite the fact that inheriting a home is relatively common, the property is frequently despised. Leaving a recipient with a property that is sometimes costly due to upkeep, property taxes, and any homeowners’ or property owner’s association fees, among other things. We’ll go over five pointers for selling an inherited house in Atlanta in this article.

Prepare for the Probate Process

Depending on how the property was deeded, it is likely that an inherited property will be subject to the probate process. In the case of inherited property, local and state laws differ from one another. When it comes to individuals who have completed probate, it is possible that extra probate will be required in the county or state where the property is located, particularly if it is different from your location, in order to obtain full legal ownership of the property. When selling an inherited house in Atlanta, it is a good idea to be prepared in advance to deal with the probate process.

Owner financing is available.

If you have the financial means to remain on the property for the normal three-year term of a lease-to-own deal, you may want to consider exploring this option when selling an inherited house in Atlanta, Georgia. You’ll need to be aware of the additional demands of a landlord’s responsibilities, which many people don’t have the time or inclination to learn about. In the unlikely event that your inherited home is brand new or in like-new condition, you may be forced to spend thousands of dollars on repairs before you can sell the property.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO).

The term “for sale by owner” (or “FSBO”) refers to another alternative to explore when selling an inherited house in Atlanta. In many cases, our emotions give a property an additional value that has little to do with the realities of real estate valuation. Carry out some preliminary research to determine what comparable properties to yours are selling for to have a decent notion of what a fair market value is. This will prevent you from being caught off guard when you discover the current market value of your house.

Real Estate Agents

If you do not want to be a landlord or live in a home that you may have inherited but have no use for, selling an inherited house in Atlanta thru an agency is another choice. With an agent, you may prepare your property for the real estate market by making upgrades or making major repairs. You can also cover the costs of professional photography, marketing the home, and presenting the home to attract buyers. Real estate fees and commissions, along with any closing costs, should be factored in.

Professional Home Buyers

Prominent buyers will take the time to learn about your unique situation and assist you in determining which of the many available alternatives for selling your unwanted inherited property is the best fit for you, even if that involves listing with an agency. When you inherit a house in Atlanta, selling the house to a professional buyer is generally the best option for the property. Keep in mind that when selling an inherited house in Atlanta, cash buyers with rapid closings may offer you a price that is slightly lower than the typical market value. This is due to the fact that they save you from having to pay for all of the expenses associated with listing a property. There are no expenditures connected with preparation, upgrading, marketing, or any of the other expenses associated with alternative solutions.

Georgia Fair Offer makes the process simple for you, with guaranteed rapid closings when you accept a firm offer and no surprises at the closing table. Please contact us at (404) 855-0944 if you have any questions about the market value of the property. For additional information on what to do with an inherited house that you don’t want, contact Georgia Fair Offer. We’re pleased to address any questions you may have about the property in Atlanta, Georgia, including whether or not it will be subject to probate. Dial (404) 855-0944 to speak with a representative from Georgia Fair Offer right away!


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