How to Sell a House in Atlanta in 4 New and Unexpected Ways

In Atlanta, do you have a house that you need to sell? When most individuals think about selling their property, the first thing that comes to mind is contacting a real estate agent and having their home listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Although this is the most common method of selling a house, it is not always the most advantageous.

Several things must be taken into consideration, including the amount of time you have available to realize your asking price on the market and whether or not your property meets the criteria that purchasers are looking for in today’s homes. If not, you’ll need to think about what it will take to prepare your Atlanta house for sale before you place it on the market.

During this session, we’ll go through four unique methods of selling your house in Atlanta.

Owner Finance is a term used to describe the financing of a business by the owner.

In Atlanta, selling your home with owner financing might be a profitable but unorthodox option. This way of selling a home exposes your property to a completely different pool of purchasers, many of whom have less-than-perfect credit and are prepared to pay a premium price in exchange for the opportunity to enjoy homeownership while working on improving their creditworthiness. You are in command of this transaction, setting a higher sales price in exchange for offering the opportunity and assuming the risk that the market will rise even higher, and they are purchasing at a wonderful price when the option period expires in two or three years. You are also exposed to hazards. If the buyers are unable to obtain financing, you may be forced to deal with court fights while continuing to make mortgage payments.

Rent with the Option to Purchase

Selling your house in Atlanta through a rental agreement with an option to purchase at the end of a specified length of time, often two years, is a very innovative and unorthodox approach to sell your home. Sellers can charge a bigger upfront deposit toward the downpayment and credit more of the rent towards the downpayment over time, allowing the buyer to accumulate a greater down payment over time. This method allows you to place a premium on the final sales price, which you can do once more. Because the tenants have the option to leave at the end of the contract, they may do damage to the property or fail to perform preventative maintenance as required. It’s possible that your house will require extensive repairs before it can be sold again.


An FSBO listing, also known as a for sale by owner listing, is another alternative method of selling your home in Atlanta. Owners who want to avoid paying hefty real estate commissions will find this technique of selling their home to be quite appealing. Unfortunately, only approximately ten percent of for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) sellers are successful, resulting in them wasting crucial time while their home sits on the Atlanta market. Often, this is due to a lack of prior expertise in marketing real estate and dealing with negotiations without bringing in personal emotions into the equation. Typically, homes that have been on the market for a lengthy period of time sell for less than their current market worth.

Sale on a direct basis

Direct sales to a firm like Georgia Fair Offer are another uncommon approach to sell your house in Atlanta, and one that most homeowners are not familiar with or are uncomfortable with. Professional purchasers have the support of cash on their side, which means that closure can be completed in a matter of days or weeks. When you work with a professional buyer, they will take the time to understand your requirements and will even evaluate what you would likely receive from a conventional sale with a real estate agent so that you can compare your options. A direct sale eliminates the need to go through the hassles of listing, showings, and passing inspections, resulting in your home selling as-is without any of the hassles. A professional buyer, such as those at Georgia Fair Offer, will handle all of the details on your behalf. You don’t even have to pick up after yourself before leaving. You can even choose the date on which the contest will end.

The best unconventional way to sell your house in Atlanta is to sell directly to Georgia Fair Offer! Call Georgia Fair Offer at (404) 855-0944 or send us a message today!


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