Tips on how to set up a rent-to-own agreement that will benefit you in selling your Atlanta home for the best price possible

When it comes to selling your house in Atlanta, have you ever considered employing a rent-to-own agreement? The real estate sector is through a time of transformation as more people choose to work from home and as homeschooling becomes more popular among children. Because they are not yet in a position to qualify edit rating as they prepare to become homeowners in the Atlanta area. You have the option of creating this agreement as an option, in which case they can choose to leave willingly at the conclusion of the period, or as a contract that will result in legal action if they fail to comply. Alternatively, you might include an option for an extension if the purchasers are not quite ready to purchase at the conclusion of the initial period.

If the buyers are unable to obtain approval for a conventional loan by the conclusion of the two- or three-year time stipulated in the rent-to-own agreement, the home will be returned to you as a result of their failure to obtain approval. Your next choice will be to rent or sell the property while keeping your deposit and any additional rent costs specified in the agreement, which will be applied to your monthly rent as a credit toward the down payment.

Given that you are in command, you can dictate the conditions of your maintenance, repairs, who is responsible for homeowners insurance, and even the amount of taxes to be paid in the contract. Continue reading to find out more about how to set up a rent-to-own agreement that will assist you in selling your Atlanta home for the greatest possible price.

Find out how much you’re asking for.

In choosing to engage with customers who have less-than-perfect credit, sellers are taking a risk. You also run the chance of your home’s worth skyrocketing far above existing expectations. Given that you are providing these buyers with a benefit that they would not otherwise be able to have, you can set your asking price at the potential value that the property may have in the future, rather than the amount at which you will sell it now. However, even if home values decline, you will still come out ahead because the sales price has already been decided. Because there is a significantly greater demand for rent-to-own houses than there is supply, offering this option will assist you in selling your Atlanta property for the highest potential price to interested purchasers in the shortest amount of time.

Buyers who might be interested

The traditional younger renter pool, which would typically look for temporary housing options, is now turning its attention toward a more permanent abode, preferring the advantages of becoming a homeowner. A seller that offers to set up a rent-to-own deal opens the door to a larger pool of potential buyers. These purchasers are acutely aware of the opportunity that has been presented to them, and they are strongly motivated to see the arrangement through to its conclusion with success. The combination of these elements results in increased value, which allows you to sell your Atlanta home for the greatest potential price.


It is true that working with purchasers who are in the process of rebuilding their credit involves some risk, but there is no reason to take unnecessary risks. As a result, you should consider having your rent-to-own agreement reviewed by a real estate attorney with extensive experience. Avoiding legal disputes as a result of a badly worded contract is advantageous to both parties, the seller and the buyer. When you sell your Atlanta house with a rent-to-own arrangement for the greatest price possible, it is beneficial to ensure that both parties have legal rights and that problems are unlikely to arise between them.

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