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“Help! “My last tenant trashed my Atlanta home”

It’s important that you read this article if you own a rental property and have had a tenant trash it when they leave because we’re going to address the common problem that landlords face when they say, “Help! My tenant has trashed my property!” “My previous tenant completely demolished my Atlanta home!” Do you have … Continued

When it comes to selling land in Atlanta, who pays?

Are you contemplating the sale of land for cash in the Atlanta area? If this is the case, you may be wondering about a frequently asked question: who pays when selling land in Atlanta. The answer will be revealed in this article, and it will surprise you. If you’re thinking about selling land for cash, … Continued

5 Drawbacks To Inheriting A House In Atlanta Georgia.

Often, homeowners leave their homes to cherished family members or friends with the greatest of intentions for their beneficiaries. However, although it may seem that you have received a windfall when you learn that someone has inherited property, the reality is not often as pleasant. It might be useful to be aware of any issues … Continued

The Real Costs of Purchasing the Wrong Atlanta Residence

Purchasing the Wrong Atlanta House The true expenses of buying the incorrect Atlanta house can be not only emotionally draining, but also financially draining. Why would you want to spend another day in a property that you can no longer afford or that just does not suit your current lifestyle? Listed below are some of … Continued

Is it possible for me to return my house to the bank in Atlanta without having to go through a costly foreclosure procedure?

Atlanta Foreclosure Procedures. Will giving my house back to the bank avoid the need for an expensive foreclosure save me time and money? The answer is a resounding yes!(However, there are some restrictions; see below for additional information) Can I give my house back to the bank in Georgia without having to go through the … Continued